Committed to unlocking potential

At the V24 Football Academy - Leighton Buzzard, we deliver fun and challenging training for young grassroots footballers from the age of 4 -16.


We intend to develop young talent in a safe environment with our FA and UEFA qualified coaches.


As a philosophy, we believe children learn with a ball at their feet and we dedicate significant time in our sessions for the children to learn and enhance their individual techniques.


Every child has potential; we aim to unlock theirs.

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What is Ball Mastery?

Ball mastery is a players ability to make the ball do exactly what they want it to. Ball Mastery is closely linked with first touch, control and dribbling.


Young players up to the age of 12 are in the ‘golden learning curve’ where, like a sponge, they absorb the skills they are taught.

Therefore, to improve a players individual ball skills and confidence, it is essential that each player receives maximum touches on the ball.


The ability to use both feet in football is huge and in our opinion not even enough professional players can do it! So part of our philosophy and mission is to help help all young players master a football using both their left and right foot.

V24 is returning to Cedars in September

After 18 months away, we will finally be making our return to Cedars Upper School in September 2021.


V24 will be now be held across two days a week. Our flagship Friday evening session will be for players from the ages of 8 to 13, whilst our V24 - The Next Generation sessions for 4-7-year-olds will continue to be on Sunday mornings.

Your child's first session is free and all they need to bring with them is suitable footwear, a bottle of water and loads of enthusiasm for the game of football.

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