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A thank you to our under 14's

After five and a half amazing years at V24, unfortunately the book has closed on the last chapter for our oldest age group, the U’14s.

We just want to use this post to once again say a massive thank you to every player that has been part of this group throughout the years — but especially our last crop who have improved in a match environment on so many levels.

We can hand on heart say EVERY PLAYER in our older group have used both feet in our match practices and it fills us with pride.

Mistakes are made, 100% but this is where players learn in an environment where it’s okay to make a mistake. Where the challenge next time is ‘can I do better than last time?’.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. 💪🏻

Our philosophy as an academy is to maximise ‘ball’ time to each player gaining the confidence and technical ability to use both feet — there is no such thing as a weak foot!!

On a weekly basis we hear our players giving pointers to others about which foot to use. This is the reason why two of our U’14 players — who have been with us since the age of 8, are now beginning their V24 coaching journey — so they can pass on their skills and knowledge to the next crop of young footballers.

Good luck to all our ‘senior players’ in your future football. It has been a pleasure coaching you all.


Deano and the V24 Team

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